Conflicts in the form of disputes, antagonisms, contradictory objectives are a natural part of our life. Decisive is not their existence but the way we handle them in order to prevent human suffering and violence.

As experts in the area of non-violent conflict transformation we offer services in the fields of conflict transformation and mediation as well as dialogue facilitation services. Thanks to our growing and diverse network of conflict transformation specialists (law, interculturality, politics, religion, economy, culture, family, etc.) we can guarantee professional and comprehensive support for your case. Our experts apply the appropriate, state-of-the-art techniques and methods to help you to work towards solving your case creatively and sustainably.

In addition to our mediation services, our experts can assist you as a mediator, providing mediation support, tools and advice that will help you through a successful and sustainable conflict transformation. As a non-profit organisation with the goal of promoting a non-violent and conflict-sensitive society we can offer you conditions that meet your needs and possibilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding conversation.

Aid programmes and development projects in areas of conflict, if they are not well-administred, can cause harm and become part of the conflict setting. Indeed, such programmes can alter the dynamics and relations between conflict parties, for instance by strengthening one of them by providing resources. Such imbalances can worsen tensions and divisions between conflicting groups.

A primordial condition to any intervention in a conflict zone is that it does no harm. A conflict sensitive approach involves a profound analysis and complete understanding of the global context of the conflict. It aims at avoiding the negative side-effects of an intervention and maximizing the positive impacts.

Our services correspond to conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm approaches. We can provide conflict analysis and help developing intervention projects and aid programmes with minimum negative effects and maximum positive effects. We can plan and develop conflict sensitive actions within your organisation objectives and views.

Evaluation and impact assessment has developed as a very specific but essential field of peacebuilding processes.

Peacebuilding programmes can lead to various, more or less successful and sustainable results. Determining what works, what does not work and why will allow systematic learning and improve the conflict transformation techniques. Evaluation results can be used as a base for designing, planning and conducting future peacebuilding programmes.

However, to measure and asses the effective impacts of a conflict transformation process is a complex task that requires skills, methods and experience.

The ICP proposes a service of evaluation and impact assesment of peacebuilding, security-related and development programmes. Our specialists and experts can also provide guidance and support during an evaluating process.

Conflict analysis is the first stage of a conflict prevention or resolution engagement as well as for conflict-sensitive development programmes. Its purpose is to gain a deeper understanding of the causes, development and dynamics of a potential future or ongoing conflict. It involves a holistic approach to the conflict and a profound analysis of all the dimensions, levels and actors engaged.

Such an analysis can support orientation for future action and improve the impact and sustainability of programming strategies.

The ICP can provide a quality conflict analysis based on state-of-the-art approaches. Our experts have a great knowledge and experience of tools and methods necessary to provide a deep understanding of a conflict and to establish the best framework for your programme.

Strengthening capacities for conflict parties and experts working in or on conflict are essential for the quality of their work and hence the success of their programmes. Training and education as well as on-the-job supervision are common approaches. Benefitting of experienced supervisors and good education are key factors for sustainable and creative conflict transformation. This includes principal philosophies and theories as well as conceptual methods and hands-on techniques. Furthermore, joint training of conflict parties can be a simple way to bring conflict parties together who may not meet for a classical mediation setting.
We are also convinced that awareness for non-violent approaches to conflict should be part of every person's basic education. This contributes significantly to the personal development of each individual and therefore of society as a whole. Besides organizing and conducting our own proven training courses we also offer tailored courses for organizations and partners in all our fields competency. We run university programmes accredited by the university of Basel and mediation training accredited by the Swiss Federation for Mediators. The ICP is EDUQUA certified, a Swiss quality label for continous education.

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